Thursday, September 8, 2016

old image / new name

This image was shot at Seattle's very own Green Lake Park using a Fuji X-Pro-1 mirrorless digital "rangefinder," UV filter and a sturdy tripod.  Green Lake Park is is one of those places that makes you feel lucky to live in Seattle.  Just 10 minutes from home, it houses my favorite skatepark, a 5K running trail (around the lake, duh), swimming, a dog park and if you're so inclined a nifty pitch-n-putt. I've had so many good times here over the years. 

Before I landed in Seattle I never really felt like I was in the right place. San Jose felt right for a time but San Francisco never really did.  Now, when I close my eyes and think about home I see the above image - and know I'm right where I belong. 

After a long hiatus I logged into my site and found this draft image from nearly 3 years ago.   A fitting first post in the revitalization of the blog you are currently viewing.  

More thingy's soon.  

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