Thursday, May 20, 2010


Polaroid was my first love. Most every biography of any great photographer begins with an excited recollection of that first print hitting the developer under the amber haze of safe-lights and glowing clicks of time-o-lights. For me it was the pop, mechanical buzz and beautifully brief wait for an instant print. Don't shake it. Put it under your arm-pit. Something great is cooking in there.

After two + years with the 5D, memory cards and hard drives something inside me has once again sought out this very special medium. I recently got myself another craptastic land-camera that barely focuses and away I went. The polaroid positive is a fading only-child of the moment that separates itself from the bulk of mature photography. I just got a 5$ Sun 660 and won an auction for some film - and while there's a lot to be said for a piece of art existing on it's own, without duplication, my regrettably modern mind has begun to think about how to bring these little guys into a world of largeness and longevity.

More babies coming soon.

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