Friday, October 23, 2009

Dead Man's Bones

Here's a piece that originally posted to kexp a month ago today. Dead Man's Bones plays The Triple Door tonight!

“He is an asshole. The video is evidence enough.”

“Dude. He’s so sexy playing piano.”

“What’s wrong with you? YOU’RE the asshole. You probably like Miley Cyrus or something. You are just a crap person.”

“I love this. It’s so Gothic but not annoyingly Gothic. It’s real interesting. Iove it and I love their voices.”

“It isn’t horrible but I’d rather see Ryan Gosling act than listen to him sing.”

“Ryan marry me. Please.”

Have I told you about my new favorite way to not work at work? You guessed it, youtube commentary. If you’re like me you need something to distract you from the fact that you sit at a desk 40+ hours a week burning your eyes out on spreadsheets containing data you really couldn’t give two turds about. I do declare that youtube commentary may just be your savior. Simply dial up the interweb and start searching. Before you know it you’ll be totally LOLing coffee into your keyboard. It’s amazing really, when you consider the whole thought process behind creating the user name coupled with the energy required to initiate and maintain arguments with people you’ll likely never meet. To quote Gwen Stefani, this shit is BANANNAS. B-A-N-A-N-AY – ES!

Dead Man’s Bones is the thus-far astonishing musical side-project of actors Ryan Gosling (The Notebook, The Believer, Half-Nelson [Academy Award nomination, best recanize), Lars and the Real Girl) and Zach Shields (The Most Beautiful Thing, Fox 7 at Fifty). Regarded as one of the most dynamic and talented actors of his generation Gosling’s potential as a songwriter is unsurpassed. All zombie’s aside there is a certain terror that takes hold when faced with the work of actor/musicians – but I assure you - Dogstarr this is not. Gosling (on guitar, piano and vocals) and Shields (percussion) have put forth something special here.

With just 4 songs floating around the internet some may remain skeptical of Dead Man’s Bones (hey, it’s your right) but the way I see it, even if the rest of the album is corpse shit (doubtful) these songs and videos can stand alone in this space and time as something unique, energetic and moving.

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